Is It Good To Do Push Ups Before Bed?

falling alseep after doing push ups before bed

When is the perfect time to do push-ups? Is there any benefit to doing push-ups right before bedtime? Let’s break down the facts!…

After a long day of working, it can sometimes be hard to squeeze in a workout therefore doing our exercise before we go to sleep is sometimes the only option. In truth there isn’t a perfect time to do your push-ups, it comes down to whichever time is convenient for your self. However, having a regular and consistent routine and doing your pushups daily will certainly accelerate your growth.

How many push-ups should you do before bed?

This depends on what your goals are. In general, most people who want to do push are looking to gain upper body strength or may even want to improve the shape and size of the muscles. When looking to improve the size, shape, and appearance of the muscle we have to break the muscle tissue down by performing the correct amount of repetitions, sets, and intensity. This will differ slightly from person to person however as a guide use the table below.

LevelPush ups (repetitions) Sets
Table 1: Shows push ups before bed workout guide.

When to eat after doing push ups before bed?

You may find it difficult to sleep if you eat too close to bedtime therefore you should consider consuming your food prior to your pushup workout. We would recommend a slow-digesting protein such as as whey casein shake so your muscles have a constant nutrient supply as you sleep. View this article for more information on what to eat after doing push ups.

Will 20 push ups before bed help?

On its own, 20 push ups right before bed isn’t really enough to illicit any real positive response from our body. As a better alternative you can do 20 press-ups, with a minute’s rest before performing another 20. If you did this for 4 sets that would be 80 repetitions total and would be alot more effective at breaking down the muscle tissue. However, If you are capable of doing 20 push ups straight off with good form then we would recommend doing one of our advanced workouts in the table above. If you are going to find it to hard, then we would recommend doing 10 push ups x 4 sets so 40 repetitions total until you can build up the advanced workout.

Is it bad to do push ups on a bed?

It’s not necessarily bad to do push-ups on abed however we certainly wouldn’t recommend it. A mattress is not really a stable enough surface to be able to perform push ups correctly, and you may run the risk of injuries such as hurting your shoulders or wrists.

Will exercise before bed hinder my sleep?

One of the most important factors for the growth of our muscles is the recovery process. Nutrition and of course sleep are the two biggest factors. But will doing your pushups before bed actually hinder your sleep?

In 2011 a study was conducted titled “Effects of vigorous late-night exercise on sleep quality and cardiac autonomic activity”. Eleven (seven men, four women) physically fit young adults were monitored in a sleep laboratory twice in a counterbalanced order: after vigorous late-night exercise; and after the result a control day without exercise.  The results of the study demonstrated vigorous late-night exercise does not disturb sleep quality. in a new tab.

In October 2019 a second study showed that exercise performed 90 min before bed does not negatively impact on sleep inertia.

https://onlinOpens in a new in a new tab.

Sleep inertia is a physiological state of impaired cognitive and sensory-motor performance that is present immediately after awakening. It persists during the transition of sleep to wakefulness, where an individual will experience feelings of drowsiness, disorientation and a decline in motor dexterity.”

So should you avoid doing your pushups before bed? Most results indicate no, exercise before bed does not hinder sleep quality, however, it’s worth noting that most participants were given up to 40 minutes of rest before they were allowed to go to bed or fall asleep.

How long between exercise and sleep?

In order to ensure we get enough sleep and recovery after doing the pushups, we may want to consider the period of time we leave between our workout and the time to go to bed. After exercising the heart is still racing and we may be sweating which leads to an unforgettable environment for getting to sleep.

Various studies have indicated that those who exercised and took over an hour to recover from the workout had no problems in getting to sleep, however, those to went to bed within an hour of doing a fitness workout or exercises struggled to get to sleep or did not sleep very well.

Studies have concluded that the reason for this is down to increased heart rate. The participants were not able to get their heart rate down to the low relaxed levels required for sleeping. With increased heart rate comes increased body temperature and a heightened nervous system, all of which isn’t the ideal environment for getting a good night’s sleep.

In order to get around this, you may want to consider a cool-down period after doing your push ups before bed. Other studies show it takes between 40-120 minutes for body temprature to fall back down to an optimal range. Returning to a normal state is what regulates mood and brings on feelings of sleepiness.

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